Microbiome Research


Jack A Gilbert Lab

University of California San Diego

Pediatrics & Scripps Institution of Oceanography

A highly interdisciplinary and encompasses research in medical and environmental microbiology, microbial ecology, and biotechnology development. Here’s an overview of what we are currently working on. 



Refocusing our microbiome lab for SARS-CoV-2 research

By Sarah Allard
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Longitudinal survey of microbiome associated with particulate matter in a megacity

Nan Qin, Peng Liang, Chunyan Wu, Guanqun Wang, Qian Xu, Xiao Xiong, Tingting Wang, Moreno Zolfo, Nicola Segata, Huanlong Qin, Rob Knight, Jack A. Gilbert & Ting F. Zhu
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Building Natural History Collections for the Twenty-First Century and Beyond

Sara E Miller, Lisa N Barrow, Sean M Ehlman, Jessica A Goodheart, Stephen E Greiman, Holly L Lutz, Tracy M Misiewicz, Stephanie M Smith, Milton Tan, Christopher J Thawley, Joseph A Cook, Jessica E Light
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