We are accepting applications for undergraduate summer interns through 2 different programs in 2023:

Scripps Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

Overview: 8-week summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) designed to engage students in diverse and exciting earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences research at a world-renowned institution. SURF is supported with funding from the National Science Foundation, Division of Ocean Sciences. 

Project description: The Gilbert lab studies the role of microorganisms and environmental and human health. Research in our lab spans 3 major areas: the human microbiome in nutrition, disease, and mental health; microbial ecology of the built environment; and marine microbial ecology in human and environmental health. Our lab is particularly interested in understanding how host-associated microbiomes influence disease ecology and how microbial interactions present opportunities to ameliorate anthropogenic impacts in marine environments. Research work in the Gilbert lab includes hands-on microbiology lab work and computer-based data analysis work, and some occasional field work. The SURF student will work with a graduate student to conduct inoculation experiments evaluating the role of the microbiome in viral infection of oysters exposed to different temperatures.

Developing probiotic interventions to reduce pathogens in built environments

Overview: 6-10 week summer research experience as part of the Research Experience and Mentoring (REM) program, supported by the National Science Foundation. Students will receive hands-on experience with research and scientific communication and will gain exposure to scientific careers in academia and industry. Applicants from California State University San Marcos and from The Kumeyaay Nation will be prioritized but others are welcome to apply.

Project description: Researchers at UC San Diego are combining biological control with 3D printing to engineer living surfaces, while examining the ethical, legal, and social implications. The student selected to join the Gilbert Lab will study microbial competition in the built environment and will collaborate with the interdisciplinary team. This student will work with a graduate student to develop and test engineered strains of bacteria with traits leading to reduction of pathogens on building material surfaces, using both hands-on microbiology lab work and data analysis on the computer.